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I realized something recently.

No one from our generation is ok about sex.

Some of us grew up in a generation where it was ok for our parents to slut shame or say things like “Don’t dress like Britney Spears. She dresses like a slut/she’s asking for it.” and as children who loved and respected our parents, we agreed to this.

The other problem with this generation is we’re horribly oversexed. Toddlers are forced into pageants where they pad their swimsuit tops and wear more makeup than most 25 year olds. These toddlers have NO idea what this means except they’re making mom or dad happy. In turn it’s breeding a generation that doesn’t emotionally know how to handle sexual experiences. I know VERY few 14 year olds (male or female) who are emotionally ready for sex and everything that comes with it (the aftermath of possibly being ignored after you were told you’re special, etc). Hell, I know very few (but more than the 14 year olds) 30 year olds who can handle the emotional responsibilities of sex.

Point is, I think we all need to figure out what makes US as people happy. Don’t have sex because your significant other thinks “you should”. Or to make THEM happy. Someone who is in a real, healthy relationship with you will never demand sex as the ONLY thing in the relationship that makes them happy. Of course sex is fun. But it shouldn’t be the glue of your relationship.

Do you like girls? Do you like boys? Great. Go out and find one who treats you like royalty. Don’t settle for less. They are the one who won’t objectify you. They won’t ignore you. They won’t use you.

We owe it to ourselves as a generation who grew up thinking sex was evil and bad to find our true sexual happiness with another person and not be tricked into taking off our pants to prove a point or make SOMEONE ELSE happy. It’s not worth it. Trust me.

Good luck out there.

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